Rainy days and mondays...

... never get me down! Quite to the contrary.

It wasn't raining on Monday, as it rains today, but it doesn't matter. As I greeted Monica wishing her a good day, a sparkling glimpse of geniality brought me to one of the recent time's most important conclusions, which I now share. Behold: "If you don't like Mondays, change your life."

One may then discuss if it really is that simple. Over the course of the past ten years, I've worked to put myself in a position where Mondays are days I look forward to - just like, in fact, every other day of the week, come rain or shine.

People who work forty-hour weeks - sometimes in addition to attending college and other chores - tend to have a hard time grasping that another life concept is indeed possible. I insist that one can maintain a healthy family, relationships, pay the bills and keep the obligations, and still allow for a less stressful weekly routine - perhaps even with some fifteen-odd hours of cycling thrown in :)

- - -

Finished third in Sunday's Arroio do Meio race, with my team mate Lucas taking the 2nd place just behind Startec/DTool's Arlizegar Moreira. The race was marred by a crash in the final curve, with Roberto Rodrigues (Acivas/Beto's Bike) trying to cut Joao Polo (Santa Ciclismo) from the inside, sliding and taking him on the way down. Both finished, despite bruises. On the way back, we celebrated the 2-3 double with some well-earned pizza.

Yesterday, I presented my poster draft one last time for the group's approval, before sending it up to the printing shop, where I picked it up today. Looks good, which I hope will help generate some discussion around our results. Flight leaves in less than 48h, which means I have plenty to do regarding trip preparations. Catch ya later!

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monimay said...

Put a reminder to talk about this in 10 years again! ;)