Singular. And prime.

"Odd" ("ímpar"), in Portuguese, not only describes "odd" as in "uneven", but also - the translation I choose to title this post - "singular" - which to me has a much more appealing sound. Plain "odd" reminds me of "strange", typically in less-than-complimentary ways - absolutely not what I want to use here.

Exactly as I said just over a year ago, 2011 kept true to the crescendo all past years have been building upon. Not only all the new destinations, friendships, adventures and results - both in Cycling as in Physics - brought novel and superlative experiences: the year was a fantastic one precisely for those far more abstract things which didn't make the list below. 2011 taught me to appreciate the subtle lacks of coherence, and made me understand what self-confidence really means. It showed me I could truly embrace Yay! as a lifestyle.

While those more impalpable concepts will be subject of future posts, I leave you now with 100 of those moments which could be grasped, in one way or another, through a photograph or image of some sort, in my Picasa gallery of the year:

Two-thousand, eleven.

By the way, the 305th prime number.