Faster, faster, the lights are turning red!

Maybe I don't know where I'm heading; but if I'm going fast enough, then perhaps it won't matter and all will eventually make sense.

Maybe it's better for me not to go philosophical right now :) And yet sometimes I do try and stop to reflect upon my choices. Sometimes they make me proud; sometimes, just plain stupid. Not a good policy to regret the last ones; but one should try and learn from such decisions and improve them on a next occasion, if a remedy is for the present not an alternative.

- - -

Igrejinha was a great, miserable race. Temperatures on the 15 degree Celsius mark, winds and rain, lots of rain. I made the mistake of going directly from my rollers warm-up to the 'underwater' start line, and the temperature shock took its toll. Breathing was hard, and after a while I had my legs on the verge of cramping up. Even though I launched the winning attack, I couldn't hold the pace and ended up letting Rui Barbosa (Startec/DTools) and Roberto Rodrigues (Acivas/Beto's Bike) escape up the road, battling to hold my 3rd place from Daniel Salazar (APEG/MCN), who was chasing behind. I managed to, but just barely. My teammate Lucas outsprinted Leonardo Maraschin (Acaci/UCS) for the final podium placing. All in all, pretty much another sunday in hell.

Back home, after a warm shower, a late lunch and some ciesta, I enjoyed a nice concert (Dvorak, which was great, together with Skalkottas and Britten who I didn't knew). Wrapping up, the traditional Pale Ale at the Mulligan Pub to celebrate the race results.

And, life in the fast lane, here comes Monday!

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