Confortably numb

But I'm still feeling everything! And it's not comfortable at all. Somebody change the lyrics! "I have become... uncomfortably sore" (Thanks Pedro for the helpful discussion on the translated antonyms).

At first, last weekend's crash didn't seem so bad, but the wounds made it difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep, and I woke up quite sore the following days. It's also a little hard to walk normally - and I keep laughing at myself whenever I notice I'm dragging my right leg along. Crashing while racing, as I've had so many opportunities to realize this year, gives one a new perspective on the use of the body as a tool, and I'm surprised as to just how well this tool performs, even in adverse conditions. It's recovery capabilities are also top-notch: today was the first night I slept (mostly) normally, to which I jokingly added that, were there races this weekend, I'd be ready for the next one. "Chão!!" ("Floor!"), to me, has quite another meaning :)

A cool, cloudy, grey weekend: winter's here. Time for a warm beverage and some bike cleaning...

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