The Whiskas Radio

To the sound of Pink Floyd's The Wall, I'm reading some older posts while my computer works on the integration of a photon loss mode. "Hey you" on the headphones screams "Don't give in without a fight...". Yeah. Where did all the fighting spirit of youth suddenly go?. "Is there anybody out there?" plays next, and with it the next round of thoughts. Music has been an integral part of my description of the world, either motivating it or simply providing a fitting soundtrack.

Not long ago I finally managed to grab hold of Belle and Sebastian's Push the barman to open old wounds, which since then is a frequent presence in my playlist. It came at a very fitting time, providing most appropriate musical background to many of my current trains of thought: "I'm waking up to us" approaches all my discussions of former relationships; "A century of fakers" and "La Pastie de la Bourgeoisie" will lead to the current state of (socio-economic) affairs; or "The state that I am in" and "You've made me forget my dreams" for the more philosophical daydreamings. From a different album, "A summer wasting" has been ringing ever since springtime began. Finally, "I believe in (travellin' light)" is an all-time favourite for trips of any sort.

Another day; right now, calculating to the sounds of Beethoven's "Waldstein" and "Appassionata". Piano music seems more appropriate now: grey skies throughout, as I develop my method for integrating the loss modes of my transmitted cat state. It involves manually reorganizing long expressions, a quite time-consuming procedure, but at least it is bringing the calculations forward. Time for another cappuccino?

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