Our espresso machine is back! No more paying as much as R$ 2.00 for a decent dose of the daily fix.

Outside of the caffeinated beverages, it's a tight match between Leffe, Beck's and Löwenbrau and Finca Flichman and Concha y Toro. Can't wait to learn some different names - soon.

On the healthier side, through a loaded trunk of oranges and tangerines brought from Linha Brasil, I have probably a dozen times more Vitamin C in my body than the recommended daily dosage. Which makes riding in torrential rain a lot less worrisome, and therefore, more fun.

- - -

Come to think of it, life can be quite simple. Eat, work, sleep; take the dog for a walk; go about on a photographic journey downtown, or ride your bike across the continent. As simple as that. Off!

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