Last Tuesday, I got some interesting piece of news:

Dear Ricardo,

Based on our chat on skype and your CV, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to offer you the PhD position in my group.

With best regards,

Starting in October, I'll be working towards my Ph.D. at the newly formed Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light. Peter will be my advisor as we tackle some open questions regarding Quantum Information, Computation and Communications.

My dissertation kept me busy for most of the week, as I got back the copies I had sent to Sandra (my advisor), my godmother and a mathematician friend of mine. Corrections throughout, ranging from grammar and orthography to rewriting (or including) entire sections. Last Friday I handed Sandra the latest version, to which I have just received the final minor corrections.

To top it off, I won the first stage of this weekend's "Volta de Caravaggio" (Caravaggio Tour), a 10.5km time trial, thus earning my 4th victory this season. I won by a 9s margin to Cleiton Fadanelli (Acaci/UCS), which proved to be a tad short to hold onto the overall win. On the second stage, an 80km circuit race, Cleiton won an intermediate sprint (worth 3s bonus) and placed second (another 10s time bonus), while I could only manage 5th (no bonus seconds); he ended up taking the win just 4s ahead. Nevertheless, a great result. Here's to the coming week: Cheers!

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