Wrapped up in books

The week went by almost too fast. Cloudy weather throughout, still managed a couple of good training rides; the weekend greeted us with warmer temperatures and blue skies, which made the almost 200km of riding a lot more pleasant. Almost finished with the second chapter on my thesis, to which I'm slightly behind schedule. I'm finding out that writing isn't as straightforward as I'd expected, but it should still come together just-in-time. It's one thing reading to convince yourself you have learned, it's quite another to be able to explain and justify the procedures involved - a most interesting experience.

Great concerts on Tuesday, when OSPA played Strauss to a full house in their last showing at the old Leopoldina theater, and yesterday with Ulbra's Chamber Orchestra playing Vivaldi to another crowded house. Great after-concert entertainment too: sushi with Luciana and Von Gehlen, and a full-blown night at the Mulligan Pub with Vi, Carol, Marilia, Pedro, Kázic, Spritzer and his German visiting student Sebatian to close down the Sunday evening in style.

My desk looks a mess with five books and about that many articles covering pretty much all its available surface. Still plenty to write to finish off this chapter, and it doesn't help that I've been daydreaming quite a bit along the way as some interesting perspectives can already begin to be seen in the near horizon. In the meantime, a certain schedule begins to dominate: I come from training to campus to home (with showers and food and the occasional ciesta in between) and repeat, with occasional get-togethers interweaved. Songs by Belle and Sebastian dominates the soundtrack, with Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, U2 et al mixed in (right now, I blog and write to the sound of Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony ). Though I'm slowly reminded that I must find time for some important, though seemingly non-essential activities, I find myself more and more absorbed by this vicious lifestyle... Cheers to that!

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