There's blood...

...but there are also endorphines!

I crashed again, this time at yesterday's Bento Goncalves race. As I plunged too fast in a sharp curve, my rear wheel skidded and I flew over, hitting both knees and elbow on my way down. The right kneecap took the worst damage, enough to discourage me from continuing the race. All bandaged up, I drove back immediately after.

Still, it wasn't enough to shatter the good feelings I had developed over the past few days. Sports-wise, of course, but also academically - I learned of my acceptance to MAQC'08 in Montreal, and finally managed to obtain a 100%-exact trace formula for the graph system I was studying since last year - which even got me a congratulatory phone call from my advisor in Spain :) . And to top the endorphines stock, I went out for some dancing on Friday night and had as much fun as I hadn't had in a long time.

Finally, mostly silently, yesterday I began a countdown. Some 179 days left if everything goes as planned. Here's to that!

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Rocca said...

Não entendo muita coisa sobre o teu trabalho, mas quero ouvir a tua explicação para ter conseguido obter o trace. De preferência, com Pale Ale ou chimarrão.