A trip to the Square Mile requiring an appropriate outfit. My matching brown shoes, which gave up on the sole. And that gift certificate from Starnberg's Sportsman of the Year awards, a 50,- voucher for a local shoe store: an evening's mission.

Left the office way too late, got stuck in the perennial traffic jam at the end of the A952, finally parking the car 18h16 - exactly fourteen minutes before the shop's closing time.

Walked in, quickly scanning the premises, and with laser-like accuracy found it. Colour check - matches. No, wait, wrong size, 43 - two rows down. Right foot in, would you like to try the other one? Sure, why not. Yes, it fits, as expected. I'll take it. Here's the voucher. And the remainder. Have a great evening!

Back to the car - damn, forgot the parking ticket. Back to the store. Hope I still catch them open. Hi, did you perchance spot a - oh, yes, exactly. Thank you SO MUCH. And a great evening once again!

Still managed to manoeuvre it out within the garage's 15 minutes courtesy time.

- - -

Now, if those were cycling shoes...

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