I'm nervous like in only few occasions in my life. The preparation over the whole year, the sacrifices, the small victories along the way, the many doubts - can I handle the wind and that descent? will I manage to keep it together and not break down? just how strong is everyone else? - everything goes to the line in just a few hours.

Yesterday, a German team including a friend and fellow racer Lasse Ibert won the epic Race Across America (RAAM). A few hours later, Giulio reached a fine 9th place in the German championships, with three other former teammates also in the top 9. Now it's my turn, and I have a weird mix of anticipation, excitement, and fear, rushing through me as I watch the first blue-skied sunrise since arriving in Brazil a few days ago.

Agi, I'm sorry I'm not there for your birthday. To all my friends and family, both here and back in Germany - I hope we can catch up for the time I've disappeared due to all those crazy training commitments. And yet, this all was only possible because all of you somehow understood and supported me along the way - in all forms possible. I have a debt of gratitude that no performance I'll be capable of delivering today will every pay off.

Here we go. Let's burn.

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