The Loneliness of a Middle-Distance Runner

This started as a meta-post, intended to test the theory, proposed a few weeks ago, that writing a post the day(s) before a race led me to win it. I've long wanted to name a post after this song, and, why not, I figured I could put together a few words and give this hypothesis a shot. (Edit: race results are posted on the comments - maybe I should write more often...)
- - -
I have a cold, not bad enough to take me out of the running entirely, but just sufficiently bothersome to spoil the good feelings which were otherwise leading up to the Franconian Time-Trial championships. Nevertheless, I had a good taper, and at least on paper have put solid performances in the past few weeks. It would be a shame to see it all stumble because of a slightly sore throat and aching joints, and yet - winning shouldn't matter, as the journey was, once again, a most delightful one.
- - -
All my hopes and expectations, though, revolve around much higher orbits than those of my cycling performance - or the current status of my doctoral research, for that matter. Curiously, sometimes nothing changes, and all is different. Equally, one can undergo earth-shattering turmoils, and in the midst of such changes, find that which still remains constant.

The future's looking colourful
It's the colour of blood, chaos and corruption of a happy soul
A happy soul will ride in the field
'Til the rain dies down.


Whiskas said...

Indeed, and almost. I managed the 2nd best time in the individual time-trial, losing for 10s to last year's winner, Michael Schultz (Radteam Aichach). Power averages were about the same as in Hirschbachtal; I expected a tad higher given the shorter distance, but I guess my cold did take its toll.

But the best was yet to come, as I led the Herpersdorf quartet to the best placing in the team time-trial. Despite losing two men already in the first kilometres, we managed to beat Brother Bikes by 11s, and Memmert Racing by another 30s. Yay!

qBot said...

Could you be so kind to share the power and HR profiles with me? Just curious of how far am I from being an elite cyclist :)